Love : Soda, Pizza or Pickled?

Inspired by a conversation on a chat forum of my school friends..

soda love.
its fizzy love.
its fuzzy love.
its good while it lasts.
but thats the problem,
it just doesn't last.

pizza love.
choose your love.
thin crust? or thick crust?
mushrooms? chicken? cheese?
but it soon becomes cold.
and then the taste is gone.
but why worry?
just order another.

pickled love.
its spicy.
its salty.
its sour.
all the flavours of life.
its never a meal on its own.
but it makes the meal whole.
the same old bottle;
smear marks on the cap.
but the older the better.
and the spice lasts
till the very last spoon.

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Comments (4)

Varghese S says...

Too good!

Paul M says...


Indira says...

u said it!

Diana P says...

enniku vayya kollalo Dinuachacha